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Cayo Saetia is located at the entrance of Bahia de Nipe and at 1:30 hour from Holguin. Considered the largest hunting reserve of the country, with a large and wide variety of species that offer the opportunity to go on a safari in the low forest, a Natural Park conception, Cayo Saetia maintains a virginity that humans have not yet invaded and that allows the conservation of its original flora and fauna.

Visitors can access any point of the cay by using adequate vehicles for these aims, its tourist infrastructure counts on 10 air-conditioned rooms with television, and restaurants specialized in exotic meats and Cuban meals.

Twelve virgin beaches with crystal clear water and fine white sand among which are found the Gaviota, the Almendra and the Peñón.

To avoid hurting the zone's habitat and to preserve the natural environment, hunting is done under strict observation of established national and international regulations.

More than the sun, the beaches, the history and the culture, we could say that Cayo Saetia is, from a natural environment stand point, a unique place where one can realize a Jeep seafari and a horse back-ride.

Located on the north coast of Holguin and bordering the key is an extensive coral barrier that one can enjoy.

Other attractions:

Holguin is considered a land of discoveries that offers its visitors unforgettable possibilities to enjoy a stay in the most varied natural environment.

Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda and Pesquero are beaches of crystal clear water surrounded by fine and white sand, with abundant vegetation and a unique undulating topography.

Parque natural Bahia offers docking facilities for nine boats; excursions on sailboats and catamarans are also available. Furthermore, an aquarium with dolphins and trained marine lions is another site that add value to the resorts located in Holguin.

There is also the Museo Arqueologico Chorro de Malta, unique of its kind in the Antillas. It displays the remains of 108 persons discovered during the 1986-1988 excavations in a 2 000 m2 area.

For those who like sailing, the Marina Gaviota Bahia de Naranjo.

Another of the rare attractions of the city of parks is the Mirador de Mayabe, at 8 km from the city where lives a donkey that, for more than 4 generations, has pleased visitors by drinking a pack of beer in a go.


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